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For Dogs-

For Dental + Digestive Health

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Overall Cost of A Dog’s Tooth Extraction

Most veterinary clinics offer package pricing for a dental cleaning. The fee already includes oral exam and anesthesia which are both needed for the procedure. The fee for extractions is usually considered as an additional charge.

Depending on the clinic, the fee is calculated either per tooth or per the number of time spent on the extraction. Thus, other than the surgery itself, there are some pre-surgery and post-surgery expenses that accompany the cost of tooth extraction for dogs.


You would also expect different pricing depending on the condition of the tooth or teeth. These include the following:

  • Exposure of the tooth pulp or if the fracture is too extensive that it extends to the gumline.

  • What tooth needs to be pulled. Carnassial teeth are the most difficult to extract.

  • Presence of abscess near the subject tooth. Besides complicating the extraction, your dog would need antibiotics prior to the procedure.

For Cats-

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